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Sun Shades and Blinds for Cars and Trucks

Alfa Romeo 156 4 Door Sun Blinds - 1997-2006

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Alfa Romeo 156 4 Door Sun Blinds - 1997-2006
Quality Alfa Romeo 156 4 door sun blinds designed to custom fit the rear side windows and rear windscreen of the Alfa Romeo 156 4 door.

The blinds are perfect for making children, dogs and other pets more comfortable by reducing heat caused by strong sunlight inside your Alfa Romeo 156 4 door.

These blinds look fantastic from both outside and inside.

They are a great alternative to window tinting without the quality issues and the unsightly visible 'edge of film' which exists with some tints.

The blinds are OEM quality and far superior to universal stick on blinds.

Easy to follow instructions are supplied to enable effortless fitting.

They are easily removed if you sell your car and want to keep your blinds or sell them on.

We are currently seeking quality high resolution photographs of sun blinds fitted to the Alfa Romeo 156 4 door. If you have such photos that you are willing to let us use, we would be delighted to hear from you.

  1. - Reduces harmful UV rays, ideal for protecting children and pets

    - Windows can still be opened (not recommended to open more than half way)

    - Improves security by helping to hide vehicle contents

    - Reduces dazzle from the lights of following vehicles

    - Prevents most insects from entering the vehicle when the window is open

    - Manufactured from UV protected polyester mesh which won't fade or discolour

    - Easy to fit and remove without leaving marks or holes

    - Lowers temperature by reducing sunlight in the vehicle

  2. Fitting Methods

    The above video shows a typical installation of how the blinds are fitted. Each car is different so the type of clips used and the method of installation may vary. 

    Metal clips are the most common type of clips.  The clip is attached to the edge of the blind and then slots behind the trim to hold the blind into position. Some cars use another design of metal clip that fits on to trim that is behind the rubber seal around the door frame. These create a channel that the blind sits inside.

    On some cars,
    adhesive plastic clips are used which create a channel for the blind to sit inside. These clips are attached with 3M adhesive tape which is already attached to the clip.  Simply remove the backing and attach.

    There is no drilling, holes or screws involved and all blinds can be easily removed without damage.

  3. Set of Blinds Includes:

    Pair of blinds for rear windscreen/windshield

    Pair of blinds for rear door windows

    Storage bag